Most Asked Questions:

What is Combicrop?

Combicrop is unique to Western Seeds and is a precise blend of cereals and a combinable pea. Western Seeds sell 8 Combicrop products:
- CHAMPION (Wheat/Pea)
- WINNER (Barley/Pea)
- VICTOR (Oat/Pea)
- SUPREMO (Triticale/Pea)
- Organic PRIME (Wheat/Pea)
- Organic HERALD (Barley/Pea)
- Organic CROWN (Oat/Pea)
- Organic ALTUS (Triticale/Pea)

Why grow Combicrop?

Combicrop COMBINED = Increased protein in grain by 50-60%

Combicrop WHOLECROP = Wholecrop with increased protein percentage

Combicrop CRIMPED = Increased protein in grain of 50-60%

Combicrop STRAW = First class feeding straw

Combicrop FOR SALE = Around 25% increase in sale price

The requirement to buy protein onto your farm is greatly reduced

What are the seedbed preparations?

Combicrop seedbed preparations are the same as for wheat, barley, oats and triticale.

Are there any special adjustments to the drill?

Calibrate the drill as you would with any cereal

How deep do I drill?

Drill at 2-4cm (same as cereals). Combicrop must be drilled not broadcast.

What herbicide should I use?

In all cases, consult your herbicide supplier for advice.
(not allowed in organic farming)

Do I need fungicide?

In almost all cases, NO. Our cereal / pea mixture keeps the foliar disease level very low
(not allowed in organic farming)

What fertiliser do I use?

Use the same fertiliser as usual, but in good fertility conditions you can cut the nitrogen by 50%.
(for organic farmers - good, effective farm rotations will produce all the fertility required to achieve a first class crop)

What weight of cereal to pea is in Combicrop?

One of our key research areas was determining the optimum ratio of cereal to pea. Because the Thousand Grain Weight (TGW) of the cereal and pea is taken into account, the total weight of cereal to pea can vary with each batch of Combicrop.

What yield can I expect?

The same yield as a normal well-grown spring cereal, but with the big advantage of 50% increased protein and lower inputs of nitrogen required!

Will I have to make adjustments to my combine?

No adjustments are needed on the combine to achieve a first class Combicrop - other than the normal adjustments a combine operator would normally make for cereals.

What about the straw?

Straw yield ranges from the same, to a 20% increase. However, the feeding value is much increased - try to feed some cattle with Combicrop straw and see what happens!

Can I wholecrop Combicrop?

Yes. Combicrop gives impressive wholecrop results with increased palatability and protein content. Contact your silage additive supplier for the correct additive to use.

Can I crimp Combicrop?

Yes. The higher protein percentage means that you will need to talk to you additive supplier to obtain the correct chemical. It is also important to ensure there is a suitable crimping machine in your area which can process a cereal / pea mixture. Maize silage is generally low in protein and can be costly to supplement. High protein Combicrop crimp or wholecrop can save you thousands of pounds!

What kind of yield of protein can I expect from Combicrop combine harvest dry?

We are consistently seeing increases of protein of 50% to 60%. These figures come from independent analysis. Visit our technical analysis area for more information on these figures.

Are there any problems with milling and rolling Combicrop?

No, but if you are using an old roller mill with smooth rollers you may experience difficulty getting the peas through the rollers. For best results, use a modern, serrated roller.

How is Combicrop supplied?

Combicrop is supplied mixed and ready to drill. Combicrop is available in 25kg bags.

Any Questions

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